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Case Study: How Good Brothers Dodge RAM Changed their Service Process and Doubled Sales per R.O.

Offering Details of What They Did...Backed Up With Actual Financial Statement Results!

June 22, 1PM Eastern


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In automobile dealerships today...

With the ever shrinking volume and profit margins on new vehicles, dealership fixed operations profits can no longer be left to chance. 

Maximizing results in your fixed operations  requires installing the strategic day to day operating systems and training that will insure your bottom line and viability.



The Sheriff  5 Star System… 

Does that by breaking down service operations into 5 distinct operating systems and processes. My fixed operations consulting company can quickly evaluate which of the systems demand  immediate attention so my efforts can be focused on producing fast, measureable results for you just as I have done for dealers over the last 30 years.

Automotive Management Information System
Automotive Selling - Pricing System
Automotive Staffing and Pay Plans

Automotive Shop Loading - Appointment Systems

Automotive Production Systems


As an experienced result oriented fixed operations consulting company we have the ability to assess all the operating systems in the fixed operations and make the necessary recommendations and training to dramatically increase profitability while enhancing both customer and employee satisfaction.  

Automobile dealers fixed operations are attaining results varying from $15,000-$70,000 per month in additional customer pay labor and  parts gross profits after training and operating systems installation. With typical results like these, the investment for our professional services only cost a small percent of the additional profits achieved!




With The Sheriff 5 Star Automotive Operating Systems and training implemented in our 3 dealerships, we increased as much as $87,000.00 per month in CP labor and part sales. We installed additional lifts and hired more techs to produce the additional labor hours and sales generated by the interactive selling system and factory compliant on-line service menus at our Honda Dealership. The system implementation was painless, my employees are better skilled and my customers are very satisfied. I recommend The Sheriff 5 Star System to any dealer looking for improvement in their fixed operations. .

Bill Bedard
Fixed Operations Director
Bedard Bros,  Chesire MA

If you need help increasing service department profits, service forecasting, service advisor training, service menus, service personnel pay plans, customer satisfaction processes or work distribution systems please call 401-450-2549 or fill the request form.

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