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Reasons to Hire Sheriff 5 Star Consulting




Bottom Line Results Since 1992

Besides Dealer Clients Fixed Operations Attaining Record Breaking Sales and Gross Profits, Here Are More Reasons to Hire Sheriff 5 Star Fixed Operations Consulting!

1. Complimentary Off-Site Consultation, Profit Analysis and Forecast.

2. Hundreds of Satisfied Dealers.

3. Optional Performance-Based Compensation. We are so confident in our experience and approach to generating the forecasted financial potential, we base our compensation in part on the increased profits.

4. Optional No Dealer Contract for training services. Training services based on daily fee plus travel expenses. We determine the on-site training time-frame required based on scope of the project. Dealer determines if they want to move forward following each training module or follow up visit.

5. Return on Training Investment.  The typical scenario that we encounter is that dealers are paying my company a very small percentage of the increased profits they would not have attained otherwise. In other words, our services do not actually cost anything! We have helped dealer groups generate return on investments for their group of 843% based on the increased profits in the six month time-frame we were involved in their dealerships. This does not include the financial return generated following our completion of training.

6. Proven Results.Our dealers experience $18,000.00 -$70,000.00 increases per month in fixed gross profit. These results are accomplished with your current repair order count, no additional advertising or purchasing of high tech gadgets. The key to dealer’s success is our hands on training, coaching and improved operating systems provided by Sheriff 5 Star Fixed Operations Consulting! 

7. Experience.Our company has been in business since 1992 successfully performing retail automobile dealership consulting, training and system implementation tailored to dealer’s specific needs and marketplace.

8. On-Site Dealership System Implementation & Training.We deliver comprehensive one-on-one training that builds your people’s sales and communication skills. We never circumvent your management or create a lame duck manager.

9. Factory Compliant On – Line Service Menus increase sales due to higher sales closing ratio of the credible visual presentationin addition to attaining consistent service pricing which increases and stabilizes the effective labor rate.

10. Monthly Performance Monitoring & Follow UP Maintenance.Complimentary monthly monitoring for 6 months. Optional customized monthly maintenance retainer for off-site monitoring following initial training and system implementation. Follow up on-site training available to keep your personnel on track.

11. Continued Success.Your continued profits and customer satisfaction after the training further enhance your return on investment for years to come!



When my dealer suggested that we engage Sheriff 5 Star Fixed Ops Consulting services to generate additional profitability, I was reluctant since we had very little improvement in performance previously with another fixed ops consulting  firm.  After Sheriff 5 Star pointed  out dramatic financial opportunities within our selling system, our dealership utilized his company and we implemented on line compliant service menus, package pricing, op code pricing, interactive reception and service advisor training. In addition, Sheriff 5 Star developed service advisor  compensation plans for us that help promote  increased sales performance and CSI  while keeping us within benchmark levels of selling expense. The installed systems and training  has helped us increase tens of thousands of dollars every month for five years now in fixed ops gross profit. I recommend Sheriff 5 Star Fixed Operations Consulting to any dealer or fixed ops management team looking for additional profitability and CSI.

Rick Hall
Service Manager
Saccucci Honda
Middletown, RI


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