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Sheriff 5-Star Automotive Operating Systems




  • On-site fixed operations training and system implementation
  • Management information systems training, implementation and monitoring
  • Fixed operations forecasting***
  • Fixed operation benchmarks
  • Fixed operations staffing requirements
  • Service advisor training
  • Service department pricing
  • Service menu development and implementation
  • CP Labor and parts gross profit retention improvement process
  • Service advisor walk around process implementation
  • Express service training and process improvement
  • Customer satisfaction  processes and word track
  • Fixed operation pay plans
  • Service advisor and technician sales incentives
  • BDC implementation and training
  • Appointment system training
  • Active Delivery Process
  • Shop loading and carry-over inventory measures
  • Off-site coaching and monitoring
  • Production system implementation
  • 4 /10 technician work schedule implementation
  • Work distribution processes and training
  • Technician sales training and monitoring
  • Dealer 20 group and management presentations



 "With the Sheriff 5 Star hands on training and system implementation, our dealership attained 34% average monthly increases in customer pay labor & parts gross profit immediately.  These additional tens of thousands of dollars in gross profit each month has helped my dealership generate a more realistic return on investment. Our customer satisfaction has increased and we have the highest fixed ops sales and gross profit growth in our region with Nissan Motor Company. The implementation was painless and my team has responded well to the implemented systems and processes. I recommend Sheriff 5 Star to any dealer looking for a result driven process to attaining additional fixed ops profitability and CSI"

Paul Randazzo
General Manager
Hudson Nissan, Hudson, NJ.


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