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Many dealership appointment systems today appear to put a great deal of focus on customer convenience. Unfortunately, many times it is just a perception. Customer appointments scheduled in excess of three days reflect high no shows. 

 Appointments may be scheduled by employees or Business Development Centers that do not understand how to operate a service department for a realistic return on investment while enhancing customer satisfaction.  In addition, most electronic appointment systems available today do not properly manage a labor inventory as well. The correct balance of carry over labor inventory computed into the appointment system is critical for a realistic return on investment. 

The Sheriff 5 Star System teaches service management and service advisors how to measure carry over labor inventory, determine why it is carried over and ensure that there is a proper balance of this important inventory. This is a critical calculation in the scheduling equation that most dealers are unaware of. 

Are you running out of work near the end of the work day? 

Are techs waiting for the initial write up to get their first assigned repair order in the morning? 

Are appointments scheduled out in excess of 3 days? 

Is your overall technician efficiency at benchmark performance? 

You may have a problem in your appointment and shop loading system!



“Within 5 days of the Sheriff 5 Star System implementation, my service departmentincreased customer pay labor hours per repair order by .70 hours per repair order and the effective labor rate increased 37%.Sales training, menus, pricing structure, advisor pay plans and a couple additional techs helped us get to the next level while enhancing our customer satisfaction. We still call on the Sheriff occasionally to tune us up and ensure our processes are in place. I recommend the Sheriff System to every dealer.”

Gary Johnson
Dealer Principal
Johnson Ford Nissan
Pittsfield, MA   

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