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Automotive Menu Selling and Strategic Pricing Structure


Selling service while being compliant with the vehicle manufacturer is an extremely important topic in dealership service departments today. While many service departments find it difficult to assemble a compliant service menu that is vehicle specific and effective, we have provided dealers with the remedial solution to this problem for over a decade. Creating service menus is the achilles heel for most service managers. Be cautious who assists you this important process. Service menus packaged with aftermarket services in the main content is non compliant with the factory. 

The days of just raising the labor rate to increase the effective labor rate are over. With the high mix of maintenance versus repair work, changing the labor rate has very little impact on the effective customer pay effective labor rate. We continually find dealers with the effective customer pay labor rate at 65%- 85% of their warranty labor or customer pay labor door rate. Sheriff 5 Star teaches service a management how to strategically price out the labor inventory while being sensitive in the marketplace. 

Pricing and flagging mistakes can bleed thousands of dollars a month in red ink. It is the most common problem we find in dealership service departments! 

In service departments, excluding high line import dealers, we find that ineffective selling systems typically average approximately a 1.3 – 1.7 customer pay labor hours per repair order. The Sheriff 5 Star System puts an end to ineffective service sales performance by providing automotive service advisor training that teaches service advisors how to identify and execute at the three distinct stages of a service sale. The automotive  service advisor training will  not only teach advisors how to add an additional .50 – 1.0 hours per repair order, they will learn how to sell service in a non-confrontational way paving the road to better customer communication and improved customer satisfaction by utilizing factory compliant service menus with dealer preferred recommendations separate from the  automobile manufacturers recommended content. 

An effective pricing strategy, online compliant interactive service menu and proven real world on-site automotive service advisor training are just a few of the key components and systems required  to generate a return on investment for automobile dealership fixed operations.



“The Sheriff System helped our 6 dealerships increase customer pay labor and part sales by 50 % the first year and 72% by the second year.The hands on training, systems implementation and compliant on-line service menu system enhanced our credibility while dramatically increasing our profits. In addition our customers and employees are more satisfied with the structure and processes.”

Ronnie Roberts
General Manager
Payne Auto Group, Weslaco, TX

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