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Automotive Operating Systems Difference

Having worked with franchised automotive dealers for over 22 years, both in management or on a consulting level, I could probably write a bestselling book based on dealership experiences.  Some of those experiences being funny, unbelievable and even educational.

As a fixed operations analyst and trainer over the years, I typically find three ring binders, videos, gadgets and fragments of operating systems previously implemented by other consulting firms.

The automotive industry has numerous great speakers, fixed operations analysts, trainers and companies that specialize in one segment of the automobile retail fixed operations. For example. Service advisor trainers, Customer Satisfaction Specialists, etc...

There are very few companies that can make significant financial improvement in automobile dealerships fixed operations having expertise in one system or departmental process. Training books, binders and videos can typically found on shelves collecting dust while the service department is still struggling to generate a realistic return on investment. These materials should only be utilized as reference after the dealership has attained their financial or customer satisfaction goals. Retail fixed operations training material alone does not typically change the culture or behavioral modification necessary to make significant financial impact in operating systems of automobile dealerships fixed operations.

Why does this Happen?

When a dealership service department is not generating adequate sales performance, gross profit retention, customer satisfaction, net profit, employee  satisfaction or technician efficiency, there will be a series of key systems or processes keeping the department from attaining realistic levels of performance. Some of these common service department system breakdowns include:

Absence of management defined selling system

Absence of Point of Sale  process

Improper service advisor staffing levels

Ineffective service advisor compensation plans and incentives

Ineffective / inconsistent pricing of labor inventory

Technicians providing flat rate time

Lack of sales performance measures

Inactive service management energy level

Lack of personnel accountability

Ineffective work distribution system

In effective quick lane  / express service sales performance

Excessive unapplied labor / hourly  technicians

Excessive discounting by service advisors

Improper balance of carry over labor inventory

Ineffective appointment scheduling

Lack of customer satisfaction procedures

Lack of active delivery process

Non- compliant menu selling practice

Absence of package selling

Improper technician staffing level

The first key to  increasing profits in a service department is being able to identify the operating systems  keeping the department from attaining benchmark performance. My company can determine a great deal about the service operations by performing the complimentary off-site financial assessment. Once a determination of how much gross profit the service department is leaving on the table each month,  we would schedule  a 2 -3 day in-depth, on- site analysis of the dealership to determine the areas of opportunity and the systems and training required to attain the financial projection.

The key differences that separates the Sheriff 5  Star Automotive Operating Systems firm from other fixed operations analyst companies is our uncanny ability to successfully identify  and implement remedial solutions to the service department operations  while helping  automotive service directors , management and key service personnel to generate a realistic return on investment for the dealership.

In addition, our non- confrontational approach in working with dealership personnel to create a cultural change or modification of human behavior needed to generate the additional profits has proven to result in an extremely high level of financial success with dealer clients.

Several of our clients are among the largest and most profitable dealers and CSI driven dealer group’s in the country.  Some of these dealers have increased monthly profits as much as $70,000.00 per month in customer pay labor and parts gross profit from their existing traffic or repair order count. Results Like these were not accomplished by purchasing the latest gadget or fad. Additional profits of this magnitude are accomplished  with management defined  operating systems, on-site training, system implementation and behavior modification  within the department by a trainer or company proven to generate results!

This is the cornerstone of what The Sheriff 5 Star Automotive Operating Systems has accomplished for automobile dealer fixed operations over the last 22 years.

Are you ready to ready to find out how much money you are leaving on the table every month?

Are you ready to make more money and satisfy your customers!

Contact The Sheriff 5 Star Automotive Operating Systems for your complimentary financial assessment today!

Stephen Sheriff

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